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GU NV17 Carplay Interface set

Product Model
GU NV17 Carplay
[ Compatible Car List ]
All car models supported by GU Car video interfaces(HDMI)
Fantastic Carplay model – All car models supported by GU Car video interfaces
General description

Apple Carplay set-top box compatible with GU Car video interfaces

1. Input Spec.
– 1 x USB Input
– 1 x Microphone Input
– 1 x Real Analog Touch Input

2. Output Spec.
– 1 x LVDS(HDMI Connector) Output
– 1 x Audio L/R (3.5Ф Stereo Jack) Output
– 1 x Mono Speaker

3. Power Spec.
– Input Power : 8VDC ~ 24VDC
– Consumption Power : 12Watt, Max
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