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GU G3 Dash Cam Driving recorder DVR(Automotive Blackbox)

Product Model
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All kinds of Car brand supportive
High-end Dash Cam, Driving recorder DRV like TLDS(Traffic Lights Detection System), LDWS(Lane Departure Warning System), FVSA(Forward Vehicle Start Alert), 90% ADAS (without GPS)
General description
front-cam, driving-recorder DVR

G3 Blackbox multi-functions front-cam, driving-recorder DVR

Front(FHD 1080p), Rear(HD 720p) @ 30Frames
– 3.5″ LCD Display Viewer
– Detecting and Event recording with G Sensor
– TAT Storage (Format Free)
– Time lapse recording
– Cut-off Battery discharge / Cut-off high
– Temperature / Apply Super Capacitor
– Wide Angle (120/101.8)
– 16GB (Max. 64G Support)
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