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Wireless Carplay and Cable connection Android Auto Kplay

Product Model
GU Kplay
[ Compatible Car List ]
ALL models GU interface supports Carplay
Wireless Carplay
General description

  1. Input / Output Spec. (Kplay Carplay INTERFACE)

   – 1 x Digital RGB Output (for GU Video interface connecting )  

   – 1 x POWER INPUT

   – 1 X USB for Smartphone, USB Storage

   – 1 x WFI/BLUE Tooth Antenna

   – 1 x Microphone

   – 1 x Speaker(Aux)

   – 1 x Resistive Touch

  1. Power Spec.

   – Input Power : 8VDC ~ 24VDC

   – Consumption Power : 12Watt, Max

  1. Switch Input mode

   – Possible to select CAR model while switching mode by DIP S/W

Product Package
How to Install
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